The Smooth Spot Recording Studio

Michael Kevin Walsh

Welcome to The Smooth Spot, an intimate, professional recording studio in midtown Manhattan. At the heart of this New York City studio is the beautiful whisper-quiet isolation booth where vocals are recorded using the highest quality microphones available. A Kawai 6' grand piano, V-drums and the comfortable environment all make The Smooth Spot the ideal place for opera singers, jazz, R&B, rock and pop artists, musical theater performers, voice-over artists and composers in New York City. Whether this is your first time in a recording studio or you are an accomplished professional, The Smooth Spot experience gives you exactly what you need. A beautiful space, the right equipment, and personal, individualized attention to your project are what make The Smooth Spot recording studio the place you will love to record.

As your engineer, listening is what I do. First, I listen to you to understand the target, the goal that you are looking to achieve with your project. Next, we listen together and choose your best takes, adjust the mix and create the highest quality recording possible. In addition to audio recording, video production is also available at The Smooth Spot. You can leave your recording session with a completed master CD, a DVD, and/or your video uploaded to Facebook or YouTube.